Ksenia Borodina revealed the hard truth about relationships with married men

vk.com / Ksenia Borodina
vk.com / Ksenia Borodina

Ksenia Borodina often shares her wisdom with her followers. So, recently in her social networks, the TV presenter spoke about relationships with married men.

One of the fans confessed to Xenia that she was in love with this. According to her, the chosen one refuses to divorce, but does not want to leave either. Moreover, the subscriber believes that the attitude of a married man increased her self-esteem. Borodina condemned this approach, noting that you need to love yourself just like that.

“That is, the guy immediately warned: “I will not take responsibility for you.” He didn’t even shake his head. And love is just taking responsibility! Does self-esteem increase? In the moment that he chose you at this second, and not his wife? And then he left – and your self-esteem with him. This is what you need to work with, ”Xenia explained.

Earlier, Borodina’s subscribers noticed in her publication a hint of a return to her ex-husband Kurban Omarov. In addition, fans thought that Ksenia was thinking about another child.


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