KRTV at “Army-2022” will present a new generation of aircraft missile X-69


The Russian Corporation “Tactical Missiles” (KTRV) for the first time will present a new aviation cruise missile X-69, this will happen at the international military-technical forum “Army-2022”.

“As for new products, at the Army-2022 forum for the first time we will demonstrate the Kh-69 multifunctional low-observable high-precision aviation cruise missile,”leads TASS Corporation statement.

The development of the X-69 was carried out by the state machine-building design bureau Raduga named after Bereznyak. The missile is equipped with a combined navigation and automatic control system. The maximum flight range is 290 kilometers, and the speed on the march reaches 700-1,000 kilometers per hour. The mass of the warhead depends on the configuration – 300-310 kilograms. The missile can be placed both on external suspensions and in internal weapons bays.

Army-2022 will also showcase the latest communication equipment for the Checkmate fifth-generation light tactical fighter. You can also see the NKVS-27 ground-based aerial communications complex.


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