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KRK gave an open warning to Mika Singh, said- You release the song, then see

Mika Singh’s entry was in the KRK dispute with Salman Khan. After this Mika Singh announced to make a song on KRK. Now KRK has warned Mika Singh about releasing the song.

Popularly known as KRK, Kamal R Khan has now clashed with Mika Singh. Actually, after KRK’s feud with Salman Khan, Mika Singh started targeting Kamal R Khan. After this Mika Singh said that he is going to release a song on KRK. Since then there has been a dispute between the two.

Mika Singh has released the teaser of his own song on Wednesday. The title of this song is #KRKKutta. With this, he wrote, ‘Yes, how did you guys feel.’ After this, KRK has made a tweet replying to the singer. He wrote, ‘Why do you bark so much, if you have a chance to release the song? Don’t be afraid, release Bindass! I want you to release the song once! Look again!’

Recently, Mika Singh had said in an interview that Salman Khan has done absolutely right by filing a defamation case against KRK. Mika Singh further said, ‘There will be no case-way from my side, there will be a direct slap. KRK is such a big mouse, he won’t get out of his bill because he knows he’s going to get slapped as soon as he comes out.

In response to this, KRK called Mika Singh a ‘chirkut singer’ without naming him. He wrote in his tweet, ‘Now a chirkut singer has jumped to get publicity in this matter but I will not give him a chance. Jump son as much as you want to jump. I will not give you any value at all because you do not have the right.’

Mika Singh said that his song will be released on June 11. At the same time, a video surfaced on social media. In which he is standing outside KRK’s house in Mumbai. Mika Singh said to KRK, ‘Look brother, I am standing outside your house here. I am standing with my chest wide. Wherever you say, I will meet you there. You will always be my son. I have no fight with you.


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