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prt scr AROUND TV

Presenter Boris Korchevnikov spoke about the fate of Jurmala without the Russians. He believes that the Latvian city expects a “cold and empty” summer.

Korchevnikov remembered how he was vacationing in Jurmala a couple of years ago. He noted that at that time there were many Russian celebrities and Ukrainians, everyone “talked warmly”.

“This summer on this coast will be cold and empty. And in a sense, this cold sand will cover the whole of Latvia, ”the presenter predicted in the Telegram channel.

Korchevnikov wondered what would be left of Latvia without Russia. According to him, “without the Russian past, without the Russian present” he sees nothing in the Baltic country.

Earlier, Korchevnikov spoke harshly about the number of the king of the Russian stage, Philip Kirkorov, who climbed onto a fallen cross on stage. He promised the artist “punishment from heaven” for an offensive performance that caused a real scandal.



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