Kommersant: Russia received less revenue from gas and oil in November

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In Russia, federal budget revenues from oil and gas in November were 41% lower than October values. In the second month of autumn, revenues from the oil and gas sector amounted to 1.635 trillion rubles, and in the third month – 962 billion rubles, according to the Ministry of Finance.

“In November, oil and gas budget revenues amounted to 962 billion rubles <...> November revenues are lower than October (1.635 trillion rubles) by 41%, but adjusted for the absence of additional tax collections in the past month, paid four times a year, the reduction does not look so significant – minus 7.8%,” the newspaper reports the Ministry of Finance data.Kommersant” Compared to November last year, revenues from this area increased by 11%.

For 11 months of 2023, revenues from oil and gas in Russia amounted to 8.172 trillion rubles, which is 23.3% lower than for the same period in 2022. The newspaper notes that the only reason for the decline in revenue in November relative to October was the return of the fuel damper.

National News Service reported that oil companies will receive 192.7 billion rubles as compensation for containing prices on the domestic Russian market as part of the fuel damper. It is clarified that the Cabinet of Ministers makes payments to oil workers if export prices for gasoline and diesel are higher than domestic ones.

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