Knesset announces self-dissolution, parliamentary elections scheduled for November 1 in Israel


    The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, has announced its dissolution. Parliamentary elections are scheduled for November 1 in Israel.

    A majority of 120 deputies, with 92 against, voted for the final third version of the bill to dissolve parliament, and from Friday, in accordance with the agreement on rotation in the coalition, a transitional government led by Yair Lapid leader of the center party Yesh Atid. Lapid will lead the country until a new government is formed after the November 1 elections.

    After the vote, Lapid shook the former prime minister Naftali Bennetou hand, and they switched places in the Knesset. “Thank you brother Naftali,” Lapid wrote on Twitter. The Prime Minister’s Office held a handover ceremony in the afternoon, but the change of government will not officially take effect until midnight on July 1.

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    The opposition’s attempt to hold elections on 25 October at the request of the ultra-Orthodox parties failed, and the coalition’s proposal on 1 November was accepted by a majority of parliamentarians. The opposition wanted the vote to take place on October 25 because ultra-Orthodox yeshivah religious schools would still be suspended due to the autumn Jewish holidays, and religious people would be more likely to vote.

    Leader of the opposition and right-wing Likud party Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech declaring himself the only alternative to power, promising prosperity to the country if he was elected, and lashing out at the government that had ruled Israel over the past year. “Personal security has been undermined. National honor has been humiliated, fear of our enemies has intensified, Israeli flags have been taken down and PLO flags have been hoisted,” he said in a speech broadcast on Knesset TV, referring to the Palestinian flags that were recently banned from being flown by MKs in state-funded institutions. .

    “The cost of living is hitting the pockets of all of us, and this morning the prices of fuel, mortgages, food, electricity are rising again. Israeli shopping cart prices are hitting an all-time high and there is no government to take care of them,” Netanyahu said.

    The Knesset was dissolved because a motley coalition of eight parties, formed a year ago, including left, center and right parties, as well as an Arab party, lost its majority in parliament in the spring after several representatives of Naftali Bennett’s right-wing party announced that they will no longer support the cabinet following the media-reported backstory of Likud deals.

    For the first time in the history of the country, the government was attended by the Arab party Raam, which preserves Islamic traditions, with which, according to local media reports, Netanyahu had previously negotiated a joint coalition, but was unable to form a government with them due to protests from radical right from the religious Zionist parties.

    Israel will hold parliamentary elections in November for the fifth time in less than four years. Benjamin Netanyahu ruled the country for 12 years before the current government, but in the previous four elections held within two years, he failed to win a majority in the Knesset with his right-wing and religious bloc. Even before the formation of a heterogeneous cabinet, he called for new elections. After the last election, Netanyahu was unable to form a cabinet because he was prosecuted on corruption charges. Several parties then announced that they would not enter his government.

    The subway law needed to bring the Tel Aviv subway system into operation, due to be completed by the end of autumn, has still not been passed due to the relatively unexpected dissolution of the Knesset.

    Workers’ Party leading the Ministry of Transport and Party of the Minister of Finance Avigdor Lieberman Israel Our Home, in protest, did not participate in the final vote to dissolve the Knesset.

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