Klishas considers calls for sanctions against the country as a transition to enemy positions

Klishas considers calls for sanctions against the country as a transition to enemy positions

Andrey Klishas
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The actions of citizens who called for sanctions against Russia will be given a legal assessment, but each case will be considered individually, he noted on the air. Radio Sputnik Andrey Klishas, ​​Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building.

Earlier, the State Duma Commission to Investigate Foreign Interference in Russia’s Internal Affairs collected data on more than 150 citizens who called for sanctions against the country. The materials will be sent to law enforcement agencies.

According to the senator, law enforcement agencies will send relevant materials to the courts, and the courts will already decide whether these people should be put on the wanted list or whether penalties should be applied: put these people on the wanted list, impose fines. “As a result, measures of influence can be applied both on the individuals themselves and on the property they own,” the senator noted. At the same time, Klishas specified that most of these people are probably abroad, but this will not become an obstacle to the onset of legal consequences.

According to the senator, such actions cannot be called a manifestation of opposition. “In fact, this is a transition to the positions of the enemies of our country, the enemies of our citizens,” the parliamentarian said.

Moreover, each case is individual, especially when it comes to criminal liability. “It’s impossible to say at a stroke that 150 people should be involved in any specific article,” he said. It is necessary to analyze the objective and subjective side, the prosecutor’s office should conduct an audit in each specific case, the senator emphasized.

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