Kissinger offered to accept Ukraine into NATO in order to keep from trying to recapture lost territories from Russia

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said that Ukraine should be admitted to NATO to ensure the security of Europe. In his opinion, Europe is actively arming Ukraine, which as a result will make it the country with the best weapons, but the least strategically experienced leadership in the region. Mr. Kissinger believes that membership in the alliance will make it impossible for Ukraine to make decisions on territorial issues at the national level.

“What the Europeans are saying now, in my opinion, is insanely dangerous. Because the Europeans say they don’t want them in NATO because they are too risky. Nevertheless, we will arm them well and give them the best weapons. Now we have armed Ukraine to such an extent that it will become the most well-armed country and with the least strategically experienced leadership in Europe,” Henry Kissinger said in an interview. The Economist.

Mr. Kissinger believes that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will end approximately in the same positions that they held before February 24, 2022. He fears that Ukraine could later try to retake the territories over which Russia has established control since 2014 by military means.

Henry Kissinger added that two options could be considered for the West to ensure peace in Europe. First, accept Ukraine into NATO. Second, initiate a rapprochement with Russia to create a stable border in the eastern part of the region.

In September 2022, Ukraine applied to join NATO amid a Russian military operation in the country. According to The Washington Post, at the NATO summit in July in Vilnius, the countries of the alliance are not going to send Ukraine an official invitation for membership.

Olesya Pavlenko


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