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Kim Jong-un postpones a war plan against South Korea

DPRK State Council Chairman Kim Jong-un decided to postpone the military operations plan presented by the General Staff against the South, the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTAC) reports.

The Korean leader made this decision during a preliminary meeting of the fifth session of the Central Military Committee of the seventh convocation of the Korean Labor Party.

It examined the main projects of military policy, reports, and decisions that will be submitted to the fifth session of the Central Exhibition Complex of the TPK of the seventh convocation, as well as documents reflecting “state measures to further strengthen the military force to deter the country.”

The meeting, as noted, was held in videoconference mode.

Inter-Korean relations escalated when North Korea blew up a joint communications office in the Kaesong Industrial Complex near the demarcation line on June 16. Prior to this, the North Korean side had repeatedly threatened to demolish the office and even withdraw from the military agreement with the Republic of Kazakhstan if the South did not stop activists sending propaganda materials to the DPRK.

Despite the promise of the South Korean government to take a number of measures designed to smooth the situation and somehow prevent the activists from sending leaflets, Pyongyang did not go for reconciliation. Seoul said that the DPRK is responsible for all the consequences of the escalation, but has not yet canceled its plans to deal with the senders of leaflets.

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