Kim Jong-un declares COVID-19 pandemic defeated in North Korea


North Korea has not reported any new COVID-19 findings for days after the country confirmed the outbreak three months ago. Now Kim Jong-un announces victory over the corona virus. His sister Kim Yo-jong warns South Korea of ​​another virus importation.

Kim Jong-un has announced victory in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap, which refers to the North Korean media, made the “solemn” statement on Wednesday at a national meeting on measures to contain the spread of the corona virus. Although the campaign against the SARS-CoV-2 virus is now over, North Korea must remain vigilant and effectively monitor the border areas, the North Korean head of state was quoted as saying.

North Korea reports first COVID-19 cases

North Korea reports first COVID-19 cases

At the same time, Deputy Department Head of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee Kim Yo-jong blamed South Korea for the COVID-19 pandemic in her country. Kim’s sister threatened that Pyongyang would “eradicate not only the virus but also the South Korean authorities” if the situation repeated itself. While many countries around the world are taking measures to prevent the disease from spreading through “objects contaminated with the vicious virus,” South Korea is scattering leaflets over the neighboring country’s territory. It is an undeniable fact that one person or contaminated object can infect several people and cause a serious sanitary crisis. The senior official was quoted as saying:

“From this scientific point of view, we have come to the conclusion that we can no longer ignore the constant influx of garbage from South Korea.”

Kim’s sister announced “tough” countermeasures against the smuggling of leaflets and “dirty objects” from the neighboring country. There are several options, but the North Korean backlash must be deadly.

Kim Jong-un sees North Korea as fully prepared for any military clash with the US

Kim Jong-un sees North Korea as fully prepared for any military clash with the US

The South Korean Unification Ministry firmly rejected the allegations from the neighboring country. These are “dissuasive and unfounded allegations”. Seoul regrets the harsh comments from Pyongyang to his address.

The North Korean authorities reported the first officially confirmed “fever” on May 12. Just three days later, North Korea reported 392,920 corona findings. After this peak, the detection rate decreased. According to official figures, almost 4.8 million cases of fever and 74 deaths have been recorded since the end of April. The country has not reported any new findings since the beginning of August.

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