Kim Jong-un announced the victory of the DPRK over covid – media

Yonhap: Kim Jong-un said that the DPRK defeated the coronavirus

North Korea defeated the coronavirus. The statement of the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un led the South Korean agency yonhap. According to the media, it was solemn.

The country allegedly completed an “extremely urgent anti-epidemic campaign to destroy the new coronavirus.”

Kim Jong-un in May 2022, recalled RIA News”declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19. He instructed the government of the DPRK to do an ideal job to stop the spread of the disease. North Korea, he promised, would deal with the virus no matter what.

In Russia, as of August 10, a record number of people infected with coronavirus have been detected since March 26. A positive test result was received by 23,771 Russians. The number of hospitalizations with covid has also increased. 14,552 people have recovered.

A new wave of coronavirus will cover the Russian Federation, according to experts, in August. It was caused by the omicron BA5 strain. Events are developing similarly to the scenario that took place in South Africa, the US and Europe. Now the peak of the incidence there has already passed.

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