Kherson drivers began to issue license plates with region code 184


    In the Kherson region, the replacement of Ukrainian-style driver’s licenses with Russian ones has begun today, and license plates with the region code 184 will now be issued in the region. This was told by a representative of the traffic police of Russia.

    “The state service for replacing a driver’s license will be provided primarily to citizens of the Russian Federation who have already changed their passports to Russian ones,” leads TASS his words.

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    As for the citizens of Ukraine, they will be able to receive temporary registration plates with the coat of arms of the Kherson region. At the same time, Ukrainian-style numbers in the region will no longer be issued. Also, the representative of the traffic police of Russia added that the registration of vehicles will be carried out according to a simplified procedure, and therefore it will not be necessary to undergo a technical inspection.

    And earlier, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov said that the region is preparing to hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation. During a meeting with the residents of the city of Golaya Pristan, he stressed that without the presence of the Russian side in the region, “fascist terror would be inevitable.” Stremousov stressed that the referendum must be held in any case and it will consolidate the status “in which Russia will never leave here.”


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