Kherson administration: Armed Forces of Ukraine use the bodies of the dead for performances

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine use the bodies of the killed Kherson residents for performances. This was reported to a URA.RU correspondent by a freelance adviser to the acting governor of the region Alexander Malkevich.

“Executions [жителей Херсона] take place behind closed doors, as Western curators do not approve of this. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to settle scores and intimidate people. It is possible that the bodies of the dead will be used for the next productions, ”commander Boris Sledov reports the words of the adviser.

According to the adviser, the Ukrainian authorities in Kherson are not dealing with the problems of the civilian population. He also said that detentions are taking place in the city every day. “Dozens of people are taken away by the military, then they are taken away in an unknown direction,” Malkevich said.

The adviser to the acting governor drew analogies with Mariupol, saying that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are hiding behind the civilian population. Ukrainians also place military units and artillery crews next to multi-storey buildings.

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities began mobilization activities in Kherson. Some Ukrainians were hiding from mobilization in the territories liberated by the Russian Federation. The military commander Sledov also reported that 39 pro-Russian activists were shot in the city.


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