Khalilzad Involved in Afghan Collapse: Afghanistan Leaders and Citizens – International news in Hindi

The resignation of Jalmay Khalilzad, the US representative in Afghanistan, has sparked debate around the world. Khalilzad was the US peace envoy to Afghanistan. He became the US special envoy to Afghanistan in 2018 and led the US team in talks with the Taliban. Resigning, Khalilzad said he was saddened that he had failed to end the 40-year war.

Afghan leaders have reacted sharply to Khalilzad’s resignation. Many leaders have called his mission a failure. Former Afghanistan intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil has said that the thug has been driven out of Afghanistan after finally dragging Afghanistan into a catastrophe. Former Afghan Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta said Khalilzad played a disastrous role in Afghanistan.

Syed Ishaq Gilani, the leader of Afghanistan’s national solidarity movement, has said that Khalilzad put Afghanistan in a political and military crisis by signing the Doha Agreement. Lecturer Shuja Hassan Mohsini believes that Khalilzad only took care of American interests. He spoiled Afghanistan’s relations with many countries.

The common people of Afghanistan are angry with Khalilzad. Talking to Tolo News, people have said that Khalilzad has cheated us. They have put Afghanistan in further trouble. Because of them the Afghan people are facing a bad situation.


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