Kaspersky Lab told about scammers imitating Windows blocking

Only in September of this year, more than 40.5 thousand attempts of Russians to go to phishing sites in order to purchase the Windows operating system were recorded. This was told in Kaspersky Lab and warned about the fraud scheme used by scammers.

How reported “Gazeta.ru” in the company, this method is increasingly used by deceivers against the backdrop of Microsoft’s withdrawal from Russia, which made it impossible to officially acquire Windows. On a fake resource, users are offered to buy Windows 10 or Windows 11. When a person tries to interact with the resource, a banner is activated on the computer screen with the inscription “Windows is blocked due to suspicious activity.”

In the same message, the victim is asked to immediately contact technical support at the specified phone number to get help. Moreover, this must be done within five minutes to avoid a “complete malfunction of the computer.” In reality, attackers, by showing a banner, only activate full-screen mode so that the victim believes that the computer is really locked“, – said in the “Kaspersky Lab”.

The task of attackers is to cause the user to panic and not leave him time to think. As soon as the user dials the ill-fated number, scammers immediately take over its “processing”, trying to find out the personal data of their victim or persuading them to install potentially dangerous software. Representatives of Kaspersky Lab advised not to make life easier for scammers: do not follow dubious links from mail, messages in instant messengers or SMS, and do not make hasty decisions.


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