Kaspersky expert Golovanov spoke about the dangers of VPN applications


After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, it became unsafe to use VPN applications, because many of them are created by scammers. Moreover, they have a high rating in marketplaces, told Sergey Golovanov, chief expert of Kaspersky Lab, in an interview with the Tula News Service.

“There are a number of banks that fell under sanctions, in connection with which their applications were deleted. However, copy applications took their place – in the search you can find up to 20 offers, among which there are no real ones. Moreover, if the user enters into them password and login, then they will immediately fall into the hands of attackers. The same thing happened with VPN, “- said

It was safe to use VPN before the start of the special operation in Ukraine. However, after the introduction of restrictions, many malicious applications appeared with positive reviews and excellent ratings, but all the data entered into them is sent to scammers. And there are already a lot of such precedents, Golovanov added. To avoid this, the expert recommends using only well-known VPNs. According to him, “young” services are dangerous.


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