Kartapolov considers the presence of a “loophole” in the form of a large territory of Russia as the reason for the UAV attack

State Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein (United Russia) declaredthat the UAV attack on Moscow is “a new reality that needs to be realized.” Andrei Kartapolov, head of the State Duma Defense Committee, believes that due to the size of Russian territory, “there will always be a loophole where a drone can fly.”

Mr. Khinshtein is convinced that “Ukraine’s sabotage and terrorist attacks will only increase.” He called for “dramatically strengthening defense and security measures, especially in terms of countering drones.” He did not specify what specific measures should be taken.

Mr. Kartapolov considers it necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the state of emergency in order to develop countermeasures. “This became possible because we have a very large country and there will always be a loophole where a drone can fly bypassing the areas where air defense facilities are located,” he said. RBC deputy.

He argues that what happened is “an information campaign for the most part.” “It is designed for the fact that now a wave of panic will rise, they will start procrastinating the whole thing. It is important for us not to let this happen. This is an act of intimidation aimed at the civilian population,” Andrey Kartapolov is sure.

This morning, May 30, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that several residential buildings in the city were damaged due to drone explosions. He did not give the number of affected buildings, but called the damage insignificant. According to the Ministry of Defense, eight UAVs participated in the attack. Of these, five were shot down, and three were suppressed by electronic warfare and lost control. Telegram channel Baza wrote that there were about 25 drones.

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