Karisma Kapoor’s return to acting from ‘Brown’ web series, but why the pain of ‘glamour’ overflowed!

Karisma Kapoor, one of the number one actresses of the 90s, is making a comeback to acting with the upcoming web series ‘Brown’. In this, she plays the role of a police officer named Rita Brown. Talking about her character, she said that she is very different and goes away from all the glamor and glitz. The actress said that she herself has gone through such a life, so she is able to feel this character.

Brown Web Series is based on the 2016 book ‘City of Death’ by Abheek Baruah. The thriller has been adapted by Digvijay Singh, Sunayana Kumari and Mayukh Ghosh. Whereas, Abhinay Deo has directed the series. Apart from Karisma, it also stars Helen, Soni Razdan, Surya Sharma and KK Raina.

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Away from glamor, Karisma felt the character

Karisma Kapoor talks to Variety about the ‘Brown’ web series. He said, ‘I have had a long career. I have done a variety of characters, but when I read Rita Brown’s character, I felt it because she was very different. She’s flawed but human, super smart, super intelligent and you can really see this woman’s growth. For me to be away from all the glamor and glitz as an actress, it was very interesting for me.

Karisma has gone through this pain

Karisma Kapoor, 48, further added, ‘Many people around the world will identify with her – she’s been beaten up, she’s been through a lot, people have cast her out… and that’s what happens in normal life. It’s not just depression or alcoholism that no one discusses, but there is a time when people become irrelevant. It bounces back because it’s in her. Rita Brown is very inspirational to the women out there and this is something that has really touched me because I too have gone through a journey in life.’

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Karishma did not do makeup

Karisma also shared that she didn’t put on makeup to look more tired. She has used method technique to mold herself into the character of Rita Brown. To play an alcoholic, actors who rarely drink would skip dinner and go to sleep after a few drinks. He also learned to roll cigarettes for the show.

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