Kapil Sharma recalled when Shah Rukh Khan asked have you started taking drugs

Today Kapil Sharma has become a big name in the world of TV but he has seen many ups and downs in his life. Kapil, who used to make everyone laugh, himself became a victim of depression and used to think of suicide. He revealed that Shahrukh Khan had asked him questions about taking drugs when he saw his condition. At that time Shahrukh came on Kapil’s show but the episode could not be shot. This news was also in the headlines. Now the comedian told that he was not in a condition to do the episode.

when depressed
Kapil told that his diet was completely spoiled. He had started drinking alcohol due to which his weight had also increased. In Aaj Tak’s program Sidhi Baat, Kapil told that many times news used to come that the shoot could not be done because of him, it was not so. Because his work was such that he could not lie down even if he wanted to. One has to do stand-up, it takes time to rehearse with other actors.

Kapil suddenly disappeared from the set
Kapil says, ‘It used to happen to me that when Shahrukh Khan was about to come at 1 o’clock, my anxiety started increasing, then at exactly quarter to 1 o’clock I used to leave whether I would not be able to. People don’t understand this. They feel that everything is going well. Kapil further says, ‘During that phase I felt that I was not feeling well. Even if money is being received for that, but the mind was not there.

Shahrukh explained to Kapil
‘The good thing with me was that no one got angry. When the shoot with Shahrukh Bhai got cancelled, I used to feel bad from inside. See how things escalate, first you are a victim of anxiety, then you have started drinking, then when the shoot is canceled, you are feeling worse. This increased depression. When the shoot with Shah Rukh Bhai got cancelled, he specially came to meet me after 3-4 days. He was shooting nearby. Perhaps he came as an artist. He has seen stardom for such a long time, so he understands things. He made me sit in the car for an hour. He asked me “Have you started taking drugs?” I said no brother never took drugs but all this started. Don’t feel like working. Many good things were explained, but nothing happens when someone explains. When something has to take time, it will take time.

Shahrukh had arrived for film promotion
Let us tell you that in 2017, Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma had reached Kapil Sharma’s show for the promotion of their film ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ but they had to return from there without shooting. Later it was said that Kapil’s health had deteriorated. At that time, Kapil had come on Facebook Live and said that he will take care of his health.


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