Kadyrov shared his impressions after reading a book about the United States

Joint meeting of the Supreme and General Council of United Russia, VDNKh.  Moscow, Kadyrov Ramzan, portrait

Over the long history of the country, various crimes have occurred in the United States, including the massacres of civilians, the suppression of uprisings by a bloody method, and the unleashing of bloody wars. The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, spoke about all this, sharing his impressions after reading the book “The United States of America: Crimes in Domestic and Foreign Policy.”

“The book contains facts about how the United States repeatedly violated the principles of the UN Charter, international treaties. For example, in 1983, the United States carried out an armed invasion of Grenada, which was later called “a gross violation of international law.” The attack on Libya in 1986 and the invasion of Panama in 1989 were met with condemnation by the UN General Assembly and qualified as a violation of international law,” Kadyrov wrote in his telegram channel.

He added that racism and social inequality have always flourished in the States. According to Kadyrov, to understand modern America, you need to study its history. “And this can be done thanks to this book, which briefly and clearly explains the US desire for hegemony from the very beginning of the formation of the state,” he concluded.

Earlier, Ramzan Kadyrov called the United States “the mother of aggression and international terrorism.” He believes that America does not know how to be friends, only to cooperate.

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