Kadyrov promised quick revenge for the attack on Moscow — EADaily, May 30, 2023 — Politics, Russia News

A drone attack on Moscow makes no tactical, strategic, or even psychological sense, says Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

“Those trained in military affairs understand this. The war is going on in a completely different place, he noted.

According to him, anyone who is familiar with the methods of terrorists trained according to American patterns understands that this is an attempt to draw attention to themselves and win information points after major defeats “on the ground.”

“The favorite method of terrorists is to throw cowardly positions and avoid open honest battle, so that, sitting somewhere in a warm place, in headquarters, give orders to attack objects that are far from military infrastructure and loudly declare their victorious actions. Our shaitans also “won” until they were deshaitanized.” Kadyrov said.

The Kiev Nazi leadership makes decisions that increasingly leave no doubt that they are using terrorist methods and, therefore, are terrorists, Kadyrov said. We need to use this completely appropriate term along with the terms “Nazi” and “Satanist,” he argues.

“For me, it is so necessary to declare martial law in Russia, to use all the combat resources intended for this, in order to sweep away this entire terrorist cell at once, without resorting to the wording “Ukrainian military”. There are no military and politicians in Ukraine – only terrorists,” he said.

States forever hang the label of a terrorist on anyone without trial or investigation, and we have clear evidence of terrorist activity here, he stressed.

“To hit the places of accumulation of these terrorist leaders until a wet place remains, so that the rest would not even think badly towards Russia. Responses to such attempts to attack should not be harsh – they should be brutal. We protect our citizens, and there is no need to show off and stand on ceremony. European countries would also need to think about who they sponsor and under what conditions they provide weapons. It will come back to haunt when Russia knocks on the door, for example, of Germany or Poland. And there will be nothing to answer – all the weapons were spent on Ukraine, ” – said the head of Chechnya.

Kadyrov announced that the answer for the drone attack on Moscow would soon follow in the NVO zone. He promised to show “what is revenge in the full sense of the word.”

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