Kadyrov explained why it makes no sense to declare blood feud to Zelensky


The blood feud of the Chechens is not a relic of the Middle Ages, but “the only and most effective tool for deterring aggression and recklessness.” This was stated by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on his Telegram channel.

He threatened with an “unpleasant end” to the Bandera, Azov*, Aidar and “all Nazi-fascists” who commit crimes against both the Russian and Ukrainian peoples. And against this background, he speculated about whether it is possible to declare a blood feud against the President of Ukraine.

“Blood feud could also be declared to Zelensky. But, analyzing his actions and statements, one can only say that he himself is a hostage of the West and is forced to follow other people’s orders”wrote Kadyrov.

He stressed that he does not justify Zelensky in any way, calling him “a cellular rabbit, which is grown for meat and skin by the same West that nurtured Nazi Bandera and Azovism in Ukraine.” Kadyrov said that the best role of Zelensky in his entire acting career.

As Life reported, earlier Kadyrov published a video in which Zelensky signed the act of surrender of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on land, sea and in the air. The head of Chechnya asked not to bombard the comic video with malicious comments “in order to avoid a heart attack in an already frightened person.”

* “Azov” is a terrorist organization banned on the territory of Russia


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