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A day later, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (AP) of Moldova decided to express disagreement with the “incident”, during which the mother of ex-president Igor Dodon was subjected to verbal abuse and humiliation within the walls of this state institution. At the same time, today, August 11, the department stated that they were not authorized to control such incidents.

“The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office expresses its disagreement with the occurrence of this incident and argues that persons summoned to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office should not be subjected to such treatment. One of the priorities in the activities of the institution is the observance of human rights and freedoms, as well as human dignity to all persons involved in the criminal process. At the same time, we consider it appropriate to note that the Presidential Administration does not have the authority and ability to manage some incidents like yesterday,” – emphasized in the message.

The President of Moldova also reacted to the incident Maya Sandu. She demanded from state institutions to guarantee decent treatment for all citizens.

“Justice should administer justice, not a circus. No public humiliations, obstructions and spectacles that do not contribute to the investigation of cases and increase the authority of justice. Relevant institutions should ensure that everyone is treated fairly.” Sandu concluded.

The day before, the mother of the former head of state, Igor Dodon, who is accused of treason and corruption, came to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office on a summons to get acquainted with the results of the examination of the ammunition (hunting cartridges) seized during searches in her house. Previously, she was also charged with complicity in the illicit enrichment case. At the entrance to the Presidential Administration, Galina Dodon was booed, and a provocateur known in certain circles Maria Olar called her an accomplice in crimes and a “thief”.

After the incident, Igor Dodon, who is under house arrest, turned to Sandu, whom he had previously called the customer of political reprisals, warning that “all these abuses will lead to serious consequences and remain on her conscience.”

“Why do you allow the mother of the former head of state to be publicly humiliated and ridiculed by some moral scum of society living on dirty money, that they are secretly paid by sponsors from the PDS? Such things are not forgiven and are not forgotten, Dodon wrote.

Recall that Galina Dodon was summoned for interrogation on July 15 for the first time. Lawyers then asked to postpone the hearing, citing the deterioration of her health. On July 27, the mother of the former head of state was nevertheless heard in the prosecutor’s office as a defendant in a criminal case in which her son also appears. She was charged with complicity in illegal enrichment. No preventive measures were applied against her.

The ex-president’s wife was also recognized as an accomplice in corruption. The property of the Dodon family was seized.

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