Judge sentences North Korean fishermen who attacked border guards

The Primorsky Regional Court in Vladivostok has sentenced 12 North Korean fishermen who attacked Russian border guards in the Sea of ​​Japan in 2019 to 4 to 13 years in prison. About it informs RIA News”.

According to the investigation, in September 2019, border guards found a fishing vessel flying the flag of the DPRK in the Sea of ​​Japan, its crew was illegally catching squid. During the detention, 17 fishermen attacked the border guards. Three North Koreans who caused moderate bodily injury while beating military personnel with sticks have already been convicted. So, one was sentenced to seven years in prison, and two to four.

The case of another 14 fishermen has been considered in the Primorsky Regional Court since September 2020. They are accused of encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer, a serviceman and the use of violence, dangerous to life and health, against a government official. It is indicated that the fishermen used sticks, a knife, metal rods and pipes.

During the meeting, the judge stressed that two fishermen were acquitted, and 12 were found guilty. So, one of them was sentenced to 13 years in prison, the other to eight years in a strict regime colony. These two defendants were left in custody. Another Korean was sentenced to four years and two months in a general regime colony, and nine were sentenced to four years and one month in a general regime colony. These ten defendants served their sentences and were released in the courtroom.

And earlier, the prosecution asked for various terms of imprisonment for the fishermen – from 9 to 23 years. In the last word, one of the defendants asked for an acquittal, and the rest for leniency.

Recall that in September 2019, a group of North Korean sailors, armed with knives and axes, attacked 11 border guards who landed on a fishing schooner. As a result, four servicemen were injured. The crew of the boat illegally harvested squid in the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation in the Sea of ​​Japan. During the attack, one of the sailors died. Then the poachers were detained and taken under escort to the port of Nakhodka.


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