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Journalist Lipp: I am shocked by the amount of grain destroyed in Mariupol and the lies of the Western media

Photo from the personal archive of Alina Lipp
Photo from the personal archive of Alina Lipp

German journalist Aline Lipp managed to visit the Mariupol port and see with my own eyes tons of grain, which was destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the retreat. As she said in an interview with FANshe was shocked by the amount of wheat and corn that had fallen into disrepair and by the cynicism with which the Western media now blame Russia for the coming famine.

“I was just shocked when I saw the amount of grain destroyed. Moreover, you know that the Western media do not stop repeating that Russia is to blame for the fact that the world will be engulfed in hunger. And at the same moment, the Ukrainian side sets fire to the granary. Moreover, as the witnesses explained to me, the nationalists tried to destroy the grain in four ways. This, in my opinion, is inhumane! Plus, I am outraged that the leading Western media are so brazenly lying and laying the blame for the coming famine and cold on Russia. In Germany, they are already directly saying that there is no gas, and Putin is to blame for this. Although it is obvious that these are the consequences of sanctions, and not the actions of the President of the Russian Federation, ”said the journalist.

On footage provided by Alina Lipp, advisor to the head of government of the Donetsk People’s Republic Jan Gagin shows the extent of the disaster. According to him, the Ukrainian side destroyed tens of thousands of tons of grain in order to cause a shortage of food in the Donbass. However, European countries will also feel the consequences of this sabotage.

“Great piles of burnt grain are everywhere. All the corn and wheat were destroyed. This was done in order to create a shortage of food in the Donbass. But this sabotage will also affect Europe this year, since some European countries were buyers of this grain before. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, one might say, deliberately committed this terrorist act against the people of Donbass,” Gagin said.

Recall that the German journalist Alina Lipp faces three years in prison in Germany for her materials about the events in the Donbass. In an interview with a FAN correspondent, Lipp spoke about the criminal case that the German authorities initiated against her for publishing inTelegram channel.



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