“JourFak Manukyan”. Serebrennikov’s project closed, but the theater will live


    New release of the author’s program Vadim Manukyan is dedicated to the change of leadership in Moscow theaters.

    The liberal party is in mourning. She dragged on the “lament of Yaroslavna” due to the dismissal of three heads of Moscow theaters at once. This trinity Alexey Agranovichwho directed the Gogol Theater, Joseph Reichelgauzwho was at the helm of the theater “School of the modern play” and Viktor Ryzhakovwho took over after Galina Volchek the Sovremennik theater, apparently, did not fit into the new realities. They did not feel the breath of the new time after the start of the special operation.

    Kirill Serebrennikovwho left Russia and became a “festival guru” there, reminds me very much of the protagonist of the film “A Million in a Marriage Basket”, whom he once brilliantly played Alexander Shirvindt. His successor Agranovich brought the short history of the so-called “Gogol Center” to its logical conclusion. And the bright page of the Gogol Theater, as it is called according to the documents, I am sure, will open. So the Serebrennikov project was closed, but the theater will live on.

    Reichelgauz generally “distinguished himself” by dismissal Marat Basharova for publicly supporting the president’s decision to protect Donbass, as well as the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. So they fired Joseph Reichelgauz, and rightly so!

    As for Sovremennik, I am very sorry that after the incomparable Galina Volchek, the theater fell into the hands of a completely different scale of personality. Everyone will remember Volchek, but I would not be so sure about Ryzhakov.

    The special operation made it possible to start actively cleaning the “Augean stables”, and much work is still ahead.


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