Jordanian parliament advises government to expel Israeli ambassador from Amman

Global Look Press |  Karol Kozlowski/
Global Look Press | Karol Kozlowski/

Earlier, the kingdom condemned the speech of the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Jewish state, which denied the existence of the Palestinians as a nation.

Parliament of Jordan voted for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador in Amman.

The deputies recommended the government of the kingdom to take such a step after the recent scandal caused by the speech of the Minister of Finance of the Jewish state, the leader of the Religious Zionism party Bezalel Smotrycha. The official delivered a speech in which he denied the existence of the Palestinians as a nation. At the same time, he spoke against the backdrop of a map where the West Bank of the Jordan River and the territory of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan are included in Israel.

Parliamentarians called Smotrich’s actions a demonstration of “arrogant attitude” on the part of Tel Aviv dignitaries who despise international agreements. Commenting on the decision of the House of Representatives, Deputy Prime Minister of the country Taufik Krishan pointed out that “only Jordanians draw the map of Jordan.”

Earlier, in connection with the scandal, the Israeli ambassador was summoned to the kingdom’s Foreign Ministry, where he was strongly protested. Also Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Jordan Ayman al-Safadi condemned inflammatory and racist remarks by Smotrych.

He also reported on Tel Aviv’s attempts to justify itself by saying that Smotrich’s words allegedly do not reflect the position of the Israeli Government. Es-Safadi promised that Jordan would retaliate if such provocations continued.

According to the Arab press, Jordanian society reacted rather painfully to Smotrych’s words. The reason is that many of the inhabitants of the kingdom are descendants of Palestinians who were forced to leave their homes due to harassment by the Israelis.


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