Jordan threatens Israel with war over attempts to evict Palestinians from their lands

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Armed conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip

Jordan will declare war on Israel if Palestinians are evicted from the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. This was stated by Jordanian Prime Minister Bishar al-Khasawneh.

“Any attempt to evict Palestinians from the Gaza Strip or the West Bank or create conditions for this is a ‘red line’ and Jordan will consider it a declaration of war,” Bishar al-Khasawneh wrote on his X (formerly Twitter) page.

Israel launched its invasion of the Gaza Strip in late October. At the moment, the country’s Defense Forces (IDF) have gained access to the underground tunnels of the Palestinian Hamas movement and reached the sea.

Before this, Israel insisted that Gazans move into enclaves to the south. According to the IDF, by the end of October, 800 thousand people were evacuated, reports RT. The Israel Defense Forces stated that they do not have a goal to destroy the Gaza Strip, they only want to eliminate Hamas and free the hostages.

Israel is not only at war with Hamas. The Lebanese group Hezbollah has already joined the conflict, writes MKand Yemen.


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