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Johnson vowed to continue supporting Ukraine


It is important for the UK authorities to continue to support Ukraine in the long term, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He believes that it is especially important to strengthen support as “fatigue from Ukraine” appears against the backdrop of protracted hostilities on its territory.

Mr. Johnson yesterday, June 17, again visited Kyiv. Some members of his Conservative Party criticized the premier for going to Ukraine instead of going to a conference in northern England. The British prime minister commented on the dissatisfaction of parliamentarians today, June 18, upon his return from a trip.

“When Ukraine fatigue sets in, it is very important to show that we are with them for the long term, and we provide them with the strategic resilience that they need,” said Boris Johnson (quoted by Reuters). According to him, the Russian military is “moving forward inch by inch”, and against this background, “it is vital to show that we know the truth, which is that Ukraine can and will win.”

The last time Mr. Johnson came to Ukraine was in April. During yesterday’s visit, he again met with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. They discussed air defense supplies and economic assistance to Kyiv. London plans to train 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers in four months. In May, the British prime minister said that he did not support early peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

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