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Johnson urged the G7 and NATO not to make concessions to Russia for the sake of a “bad world”


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the G7 countries and NATO should not make concessions to Russia, despite the “fatigue” of what is happening in Ukraine. According to Mr. Johnson, one should not agree to a “bad peace” because this could provoke an escalation of the military conflict.

Mr. Johnson discussed the situation in Ukraine during his visit to Rwanda for the Commonwealth Summit. “I appeal to my colleagues in the G7 and, in particular, to NATO: now is not the time to negotiate and call on Ukrainians to agree to a bad peace, to a peace for which they are invited to give up pieces of their territory in exchange for a ceasefire. I think it would be a disaster. This will provoke further escalation from Putin, whenever he wants it,” the prime minister said (quoted from The Guardian).

In May, Boris Johnson said that he did not support the early peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, which were suspended at the initiative of Kyiv. The British prime minister compared the prospect of negotiations with Vladimir Putin with sorting out relations “with a crocodile that eats your left leg.” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said last week that the time for diplomacy had not yet come.

On the support of Kyiv by the G7 countries – in the material “Kommersant” “Sensitive “Tochka-U” for the G7″.

More news in the Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

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