US President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly found himself in awkward situations at public events, has again become the object of ironic ridicule.

The reason for this was another embarrassment that happened during Biden’s press conference at the summit of the United States and ACEAH (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

The US-ASEAN summit was held in Washington on May 12-13. ASEAN includes Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

During his speech, the head of the White House again made a reservation, this time naming the vice president Kamalu Harris “President of the United States”.

“Indo-Pacific is an Indo-Pacific that is free and open, stable and prosperous, sustainable and secure. This is what we all aspire to. That is why I asked President Harris to make a trip to this region last August, ”RIA Novosti quotes Biden.

Recall that this is not the first time that the American leader confuses the position of his deputy. So, in December 2021, Biden made a similar mistake: he stumbled and inadvertently called Harris, who was then a candidate for the position of vice president in his administration, the future leader of the country.

Note that US President Joe Biden is now and then noted by other oddities of behavior in public. So in April he ended his speech twice, trying to shake hands with the void.

As reported EADailythe last time it happened during a speech in Seattle – after completing his speech, Biden already habitually extended his hand for a handshake to nowhere.

After that, social networks exploded with ironic comments that the president can no longer live without his “invisible friend.”


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