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Jitin Prasad news: Describing Jitin Prasad as suspicious, Moily said – Congress needs major surgery, not legacy, ideological commitment should get priority

Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Veerappa Moily has attacked Jitin Prasada, saying his loyalty was doubtful from the beginning. Moily said that many posts were given to Prasad, but now the Congress should not delay in doing major surgery so that those with ideological commitment get priority while giving the responsibility.


  • Former Union Minister Veerappa Moily’s attack on Jitin Prasada, who left Congress and joined BJP
  • Senior Congress leader said – Jitin has always been suspicious, he is not secular, he is casteist
  • Moily said that Congress needs major surgery, preference should be given to those with ideological commitment

New Delhi
Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister M. Veerappa Moily has stressed the need for major surgery in the party after Jitin Prasada joined the BJP. Describing Jitin Prasad as suspicious, he said that Congress should not depend only on Virat, but leaders with ideological commitment should be given preference. Attacking Jitin Prasada, Moily said that he was always a suspect. He is not secular, he is casteist. He was given many posts but the responsibility should be given only to those committed to the ideology of the party.

Accusing Prasad of putting “personal ambition” above all else, Veerappa Moily also said that Jitin Prasada’s ideological commitment was in doubt from the very beginning and that Congress’s account was not opened in West Bengal when he was in charge. It’s that he was incompetent. Moily said that the top leadership of the Congress should do a proper assessment of the party leaders. He emphasized that if a person is not capable, no one can make him a mass leader.

According to the former Union Minister, the Congress should reconsider these things and make a fresh strategy and only then the party can become stronger. “The party should be reorganized with the right people and responsibility should not be given to incompetent people who cannot deliver results,” Moily said. This is a lesson. Congress needs to introspect in view of these developments.

Jitin Prasad Joins BJP

Asked whether Prasad’s joining BJP has any message for the top leadership of the Congress, the senior Congress leader said the leadership has to take into account the leaders’ past history, ideology and their attitude towards common people. Important responsibility should be assigned.

Moily, who has been advocating for “major surgery” in the party after the last Lok Sabha elections, once again said that the Congress has delayed the “major surgery” and it is necessary to do it now as tomorrow cannot wait. “There are going to be assembly elections in seven states next year and then Lok Sabha elections in 2024. If we do not perform well in the assembly elections, then there will be more trouble in the Lok Sabha elections.

Moily emphasized that, “Congress should not depend only on legacy, but we need to repair ourselves and prepare for the competitive politics of Narendra Modi.” It is not that Modi is invincible. They can be defeated by bringing the party back on track. Still need major surgery.

Moily, along with Jitin Prasada, was among a group of 23 leaders who wrote to Sonia Gandhi in August last year demanding active leadership and organizational elections in the Congress. Asked whether the leadership question in the party was causing problems, Moily said interim president Sonia Gandhi can inspire and take a decision.

He said, ‘We have a leader, so that is not many issues. If there is Sonia ji, then there is no vacancy. He will have to go ahead and do major surgery in the party. Moily said that while giving responsibility to the youth leaders, their ideological stand should be considered.



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