Jealous Scottish woman beats passerby with shoes for talking to her lover

Photo by formstock
Photo by formstock

A resident of the Scottish city of Glasgow in the UK attacked a passerby and beat her with her shoes. The conflict was caused by a conversation between a stranger and a beloved woman, reports Glasgow Live.

The incident took place at a hotel in Liverpool. According to preliminary data, the man went outside at night and spoke with 22-year-old Chloe Goddard. He asked the girl to lend him a phone.

At that moment, they were approached by the beloved Scot, who was in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication. Jealous of her lover, the girl hit him in the face, after which she attacked the stranger.

The attacker struck her opponent several times with the heels of her shoes. Passers-by began to separate the participants in the conflict. The brawler immediately fled the scene, but was soon detained by the police.

The victim was taken to the hospital. After the incident, the court sentenced the figurant to a suspended sentence of eight months and ordered her to pay compensation to the victim in the amount of 65 thousand rubles.


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