Japanese people pay $55 an hour for proper smile lessons


Trainings in which participants are taught how to smile correctly are held in Japan. Courses are taught by a trainer Keiko Kawano in the classrooms of the Tokyo School of the Arts. This was reported on Monday by Reuters news agency.

“I didn’t use my facial muscles much during COVID, so this is a good exercise,” the agency quotes one of the students, 20-year-old Himawari Yoshida.

The girl attends courses in preparation for the labor market. She states that she needs to “work on her smile.” One hour-long private “smile” lesson costs the Japanese 7,700 yen, which is about 4,440 rubles or $55.

The Japanese, who have actively adhered to all the bans since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, admit that they rarely used facial expressions under medical masks. After the restrictions were lifted, the demand for “smile” lessons increased significantly.

Previously, most of the Japanese were in favor of increasing the country’s defense capability.


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