Izvestia: young businessmen of the Russian Federation will be able to receive grants up to a million rubles

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In Russia, entrepreneurs aged 14 to 25 will be allowed to re-receive a grant of up to one million rubles. This follows from the new draft order of the Ministry of Economic Development.

Now young entrepreneurs will be able to re-receive a grant from the state for the creation or development of their business, the amount will also be increased from 500 thousand rubles to one million, the newspaper reports data from the draft order of the Ministry of Economic DevelopmentNews“. Businessmen will be able to receive a second grant subject to the successful implementation of the first one.

Russians from 14 to 25 years old who do not have a debt of more than one thousand rubles and who have been trained at the My Business center are eligible to participate in the competition for a grant. Also, for state support, a young businessman needs to invest at least 25% of personal funds in the project. Assistance to young entrepreneurs began in 2022, during which time 2.1 billion rubles were allocated for the provision of grants.

Earlier, URA.RU told what business benefits exist and will appear in 2023. The support will cover insurance payments, tax incentives and a moratorium on business verification.


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