Izvestia: The Ministry of Construction will consider the abolition of printed payments for housing and communal services

Denis Butsaev, General Director of the Russian Environmental Operator (REO), sent a letter to the Ministry of Construction with a proposal to gradually switch to electronic payments for housing and communal services (HCS). The REO believes that the monthly distribution of printed documents leads to the waste of 50 tons of paper.

In a letter to the REO, which was reviewed “News”, it is said that the practice of printing bills also provokes an excessive use of natural resources. Due to the rise in paper prices in March 2022, the expenses of managing organizations for mailing out documents increased several times.

The REO believes that printed receipts should be kept for pensioners due to their low technological literacy.

REO regularly addresses the Ministry of Construction with waste minimization initiatives. In January 2023, it became known that the REO proposed to the Ministry to ban the disposal of household and food waste into the sewer. Two months later, no steps taken to implement this initiative were reported.


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