Izvestia found out what Aeroflot and Rosatom will produce for aircraft

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Aeroflot airline and Rosatom state corporation will produce consumables and components for foreign aircraft in operation of the air group, which will become a domestic analogue. Deputy General Director and Technical Director of the airline Alexey Mikhalik spoke about this.

“We will develop certification and production of aviation components for all types of [иностранных] aircraft – for cabins, cabins, aircraft trunks, structural repairs and so on. The following areas are planned: air and water filter elements; plastic, metal and others,” they write “News“, who familiarized themselves with the Aeroflot corporate magazine, in which Alexey Mikhalik gave an interview.

Full production of components will begin in the first half of 2024. Despite this, research and testing of components is already in full swing. To begin work, Rosatom structures need to be certified by the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Earlier it became known that Russian airlines will receive money from the National Welfare Fund to purchase Western aircraft. To do this, companies need to allocate all net profit for 2022 to these transactions.


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