Izvestia: flowers before March 8 will rise in price by a quarter this year

Flowers for March 8 at Koltsovo airport.  Yekaterinburg, tulip, tulips, bouquet, flowers

Before International Women’s Day, the cost of flowers will increase by 23% compared to February, but on the holiday of March 8, they, on the contrary, will fall in price by 10%. The data are presented in a study of the Tinkoff Kassa Internet acquiring service and the Tinkoff Data project.

“Despite double-digit inflation in 2022, compared to last year, the prices for bouquets in the pre-holiday week will be slightly lower, and on March 8 they will remain at the same level as last year. The reason is that last year the cost of flowers rose due to supply problems against the backdrop of sanctions. Now, market players have adapted to the new conditions,” Izvestia reports, citing a study that used depersonalized data on business turnover and transactions of 28 million Tinkoff Bank customers from 2019 to 2023.

It is noted that entrepreneurs still bring flowers from Ecuador, Kenya and the Netherlands, but more often by land transport through Turkey, which increases the final cost. The study says that in the Russian market, it begins to grow in the first days of spring and remains high throughout the first week of March.

Earlier, florist Georgy Sukharzhevsky shared how to save on flowers by March 8th. He noted that it would be cheaper to buy a bouquet the next day after the holiday.


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