Italian authorities agreed on the nationalization of LUKOIL’s refineries

The Council of Ministers of Italy has approved a decree on the adoption of measures to protect strategic enterprises. These include the ISAB refinery on the island of Sicily, owned by LUKOIL. The enterprise will be transferred under the temporary special administration of the state, the newspaper reported. La Repubblica. This information is also confirmed by the source of the agency AFP.

The LUKOIL plant is located in the Italian commune of Priolo in southeastern Sicily. This is the third enterprise in Europe in terms of oil refining, it produces about 22% of the fuel consumed in Italy. In November, LUKOIL refused to sell the plant to American Crossbridge, but resumed negotiations this week. According to media reports, in the event of nationalization, the refinery will come under the control of the Italian Ministry of Economy.

About the fate of the plant – in the material “Kommersant FM” “ISAB will be taken away from the embargo.”

Laura Keffer


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