It will not be possible to attribute another color of the product to a difference in color rendering – Kommersant

Marketplace sellers will not be able to attribute the difference in the color of goods that arrived to customers to differences in the color rendering of screens. The consumer has the right to return such a product, Roskachestvo told RIA Novosti.

“You can return a product if it “does not look like itself” compared to the product card. In this case, the buyer will not even have to prove anything, and the seller will also not be able to “excuse himself” with the difference in color reproduction on different monitors,” said Roskachestvo.

The agency emphasized that even the most detailed photographs and videos of the product do not give the same impression as demonstrating the product in an offline store. This explains the more lenient rules for returning goods on online platforms.

Thus, consumers have the right to return even “non-returnable goods” if they were purchased on the Internet. Such goods include underwear, cosmetics, medical products, etc. The consumer is given a week to return the product, but if the seller has not provided information about the procedure and timing of the return, the time increases to three months.

Roskoshestvo also reported that paid returns of goods are the right of the trading platform, but goods that are subject to paid returns often do not correspond to the lists specified in the legislation.

Online platforms for selling goods should not require delivery fees for returning defective goods or goods that do not correspond to what was stated on the card. In this case, buyers exercise their right to return goods of inadequate quality, the organization emphasized.

This year, contrary to the expectations of retailers, the first stage of the November sales did not lead to an increase in demand. In the first days of the promotions, buyer activity decreased by 4–7% year on year, although the chains’ turnover in money is increasing due to rising prices. Against the backdrop of currency exchange rate fluctuations, Russians made large purchases without waiting for Black Friday and Singles’ Day. But marketplace sellers may be able to make money on sales.

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