“It will help strengthen Russia’s influence”: the rating of leaders of African states was presented in St. Petersburg

The presented rating will help increase Russia’s influence on the territory of the Black Continent. About this at a press conference TASS said the authors of the large-scale study “Leaders of African States: Rating”.

The project was initiated by the Center for Socio-Economic and Geopolitical Research. As noted by one of the compilers of the scientific work, the leading expert of TsSEGI, Doctor of Economics and Professor Stanislav Tkachenko, Russia is trying to build complex and sustainable relations with all the leaders of the states of the region. Therefore, it is important that the experiment opens the prospect for larger studies of political local elites.

“The ultimate goal is to identify the personality factor in the development of the internal political processes of the states under consideration, as well as in a wider regional and global context. Most of the considered leaders are in equal conditions for conducting multiple study and personal evaluation of the starting conditions. They were elected to the highest government posts in competitive elections, their states have a multi-party system, developed media and social networks, there are no high-intensity internal conflicts,” Tkachenko said.

To implement the work, the compilers of the rating formed 20 criteria that characterize the personalities who are at the head of African countries. Scientists looked at the country in which the head of state was educated, what profession he had before his political career, whether he was associated with municipal government, whether he was endowed with the status of supreme commander, and so on.

According to the TsSEGI expert and postgraduate student of the IKBFU. I. Kant Roberta Gresyathe presented work can be used by the leadership of Russia to build mutually beneficial and equal cooperation with the leadership of the countries of the Black Continent.

“Some orientation can be made on it in order to determine what contacts can be developed. After all, the leader’s experience always shows that the leader understands that he knows what he personally felt, and, focusing on personal interaction, on personal experience, one can offer certain projects, initiatives and understand how they can be perceived, ”he explained .

Robert Gres also added that the rating even takes into account the effectiveness of a particular leader, depending on his focus on the West or East. The full version of the rating authors will publish on the website Center for Socio-Economic and Geopolitical Research, as well as, since this is, first of all, scientific work, in scientific journals.


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