It will get 10 degrees colder in St. Petersburg in two days

    It will get 10 degrees colder in St. Petersburg in two days

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    Over the weekend in St. Petersburg, short rains with thunderstorms are expected. Starting from Friday, the air temperature will begin to drop from 30 degrees Celsius and reach +20 degrees on Sunday. About it “Nevsky news” forecaster Yury Kutkevich said.

    According to him, on Saturday in the morning the thermometers will show +28 degrees in St. Petersburg, but after 12 hours it will get colder, clouds will cover the sky, there will be short rains, sometimes with thunderstorms. Most of the precipitation is expected in the evening hours, the forecaster said. “The fact is that at this time a cold atmospheric front will pass through St. Petersburg,” he explained.

    On Sunday afternoon the temperature will drop to +20. From Monday it will start warmer again – +21 … +23 degrees is expected. However, at the end of the week it will rain again in the northern capital, the temperature will return to 20 degrees Celsius, summed up Kutkevich.

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    Meanwhile infox reports that in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (Yugra) on weekends the temperature can reach 30 degrees Celsius. Partly cloudy with light rain in some areas.

    Also, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations noted that from the fourth to the eighth of August, an emergency fire danger is expected in the territory of Beloyarsky, Berezovsky, Oktyabrsky, Sovetsky, Nefteyugansky and Surgut regions, as well as Nyagan and Yugorsk.


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