It will be possible to order the construction of a house through a “one window”

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The audience of the super service “Digital construction of an individual residential building” reached more than 100 thousand people in a year. Today, the portal presents more than a thousand projects of houses from 222 verified contractors, 11 banks issuing mortgages are connected to it. In the future, Russians, in addition to obtaining a housing loan, will be able to order the development of a residential building project, conclude an agreement with a construction contractor and a supplier of building materials in the “one-stop shop” mode. This was reported to Parliamentary Newspaper in the press service of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities.

The State Duma does not exclude that in the future the service will reduce mortgage rates for individual developers.

Full construction cycle

The beta version of the super service was launched a year ago on the portal we are, according to the roadmap approved by the government commission for digital development. “Currently, the portal has implemented the functionality to provide citizens with personal recommendations on the full cycle of building a house, contains information about house projects, contractors, mortgages, taking into account state support measures from partner banks, a catalog of resource supply organizations that can be used for gasification and connection to the power grids of a residential building, ”the Ministry of Construction explained to our publication.

To make the service convenient for users, the requests of the target audience were taken into account during its development, including “to identify demand and optimal business processes for interaction between all participants.”

During the year, the audience of the useful site reached more than 100,000 people “with a target increase of about 15 percent per month.” Today, the portal presents more than a thousand house projects from 222 verified contractors, and more than 8,000 citizens have already taken advantage of personal recommendations for building a house, the press service noted. “11 banks issuing mortgage loans for individual housing construction, as well as 1,174 resource-supplying organizations, including 536 gas supply and 638 energy supply organizations, are connected to the superservice. Since February 2023, the superservice has been integrated with the public services portal, which makes the passage of the necessary state and municipal procedures for the provision of services in electronic form convenient and understandable for citizens, ”the source of Parliamentary Newspaper specified.

The Ministry of Construction is confident that in the future the service will allow one-stop shop to submit applications for a mortgage loan electronically, conclude contracts with a design organization, a construction contractor, and a supplier of building materials. In addition, here it will be possible to select a project from a catalog of ready-made solutions or a construction company, as well as a bank that provides a mortgage for building a house, and get information about current state support measures.

“Further development of super service, combined with supply and demand support measures, will help stimulate investment in the housing construction market, significantly speed up the process of building a house, making it simple and economically attractive for citizens,” the ministry promised.

Mortgages can get cheaper

Such services are certainly useful, as they help individual developers to get loans easier and faster and build housing, the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Construction and Housing and Public Utilities believes Svetlana Razvorotneva.

“Such consulting services are now appearing in many areas, for example, in gasification, when you can submit an application, pay and receive a service. It’s the same here. The service allows you to obtain a building permit, complete this procedure, build a house and put it on the cadastral register,” the deputy said in an interview with Parliamentary Newspaper.

But no less important, according to her, is the use by Russians of standard projects offered by organizations.

“Because a typical project will help a person not only save money and time, understand that he is doing everything right, but will also allow him to take advantage of a mortgage loan at lower rates. Now mortgage loans for housing built by the economic method are still reluctant to issue, because the collateral base for banks is incomprehensible. Credit institutions find it difficult to evaluate it, they do not understand how much it will cost, to whom it can be sold,” Svetlana Razvorotneva specified.

At the same time, standard projects will simplify the issuance of mortgages for individual housing construction, she added. The MP does not rule out that this will reduce the rates on housing loans.

“Taking into account the fact that half of the housing commissioned last year is self-contained housing construction, so far people who built houses at their own peril and risk have remained outside the state’s attention. Now the government is helping them. The service is likely to help and automate the connection to networks. And, developing the idea, it would not hurt to think about lowering connection prices, because in some regions they have grown significantly, ”summed up the deputy head of the relevant committee.

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