It turned out who most often wants sex


    Western scientists have empirically concluded that sexual desire in our brain is controlled by neurons that stimulate the release of dopamine, and not serotonin, as was believed until recently. And this is essentially a revolution in our libido because it turns out that we want intimacy not at all then and not in the way we think. With the help of experts, we figured out how to apply an important discovery in your bed.

    German and American researchers set out to understand what exactly regulates our desire to have sexual intercourse. It turned out that this is the same group of neurons in the hypothalamus (a small area in the diencephalon), which is also responsible for signals of hunger and thirst.

    Satisfaction of the signals of these neurons leads to the release into our blood of dopamine – one of the so-called “pleasure hormones”. But another “hormone of happiness”, which yesterday was considered the “king of libido” – serotonin – has been overthrown today. Experiments have shown that its increased and even normal levels, on the contrary, suppress sexual desire. This is why many antidepressants, which are designed to stabilize serotonin levels, quench libido.

    Now let’s figure out what is the difference between these two hormones of happiness?

    A person with a good stable level of serotonin is calm, balanced, confident in himself, and clearly knows what he wants from life. He is not prone to depression, does not need artificial stimulation of mood, leads a healthy lifestyle, is energetic, and always has a plan for tomorrow and a desire to follow it.

    And, as we learned from a recent study, such a pleasure in all respects person in a balanced state never wants sex! Unless something knocks him off balance, triggering the release of dopamine as well.

    “Dopamine was nicknamed the invisible drug,” explains biochemist Tatyana Lebedeva. – Unlike stress hormones, it is considered a plus sign. But this is not serotonin pacification, but albeit positive, but fuss, excitement, rush, anxiety, multitasking. The state about which they say: “I am tearing (or tearing) to pieces.”

    And, as we now know, it is these dopamine rushers who want carnal love more than anyone else.

    “The discoveries are new, and the age-old returns to wisdom,” sums up the psychologist Dariya Guliyeva. – How many sayings and anecdotes about the fact that cute scolds – only amuse themselves. That after a violent quarrel and intimacy is more violent. And after a hard day’s work, when the employee was “fucked by the boss”, having come home, he does not fall dead at all but fulfills his marital duty with a special feeling.

    We also look for support and comfort in each other’s arms, not only in a state of stress but also in positive vibrations – for example, when we are excited before an exam, defense, performances, competitions, etc. This is all dopamine. And a calm serotonin lover is calm in bed, he will press his cheek against you with great pleasure.

    It turns out that a calm, balanced lover or spouse is evil because you can’t wait for him to fulfill your marital duty ?! He’s okay without unnecessary body movements. However, women from the creation of the world knew how to deal with this: war, division of territory, defense of the hearth, rival, jealousy, danger – this is male dopamine. And where there is dopamine, there is intimacy.


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