It is easier for Russians to obtain a Schengen visa at the consulates of Spain, Italy and Greece


Against the backdrop of loud statements by the visa centers of the Schengen countries to stop issuing visas to Russians, some consulates continue to provide Russian citizens with entry permits. So, according to the executive director of the company “Vizahod” Daniil Sergeev, “not without problems, but still you can sign up” for the submission of documents to the visa centers of Spain and Italy.

Their consulates are working normally, but the processing time is still extended, told he is RIA Novosti. Sergeev also noted that despite all the disagreements, “very reluctantly,” Germany and Finland continue to issue visas to Russians, but it will take about 2-3 months to wait, he added. The Baltic countries are much more aggressive in this matter.

According to expert Julia Wald, Italy issues visas more readily than France, but puts a shorter “Schengen” than before. But Greece, according to the expert, even during the aggravated period of the pandemic issued tourist visas to Russians. Now the situation has not changed, but permits are also issued shortened.

“The easiest way is to apply with a good chance to get a long “Schengen” in the visa center of Spain,” — summed up the expert.


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