It is better to store a box of goods for two weeks after purchase


    Boxes of household appliances and other goods are best stored after purchase for two weeks, then they can be safely disposed of. Lawyer Nadezhda Kolotovich told Life about this.

    According to her, the issue with the packaging of goods causes a headache for many. People keep them for years and are afraid that if problems are found, the seller will refuse to issue a return without it. However, the current legislation does not fix the presence of a box when returning goods for a warranty case.

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    “It is recommended to keep the packaging from the purchase for 14 days from the date of purchase of the product. This way you can maintain a decent aesthetic appearance if you decide to return it to the store because it did not fit,” Kolotovich said.

    According to Article 502 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the buyer has the right to return or exchange the goods within two weeks from the date of purchase if the color, style or equipment does not fit. To do this, you need to present a receipt (or prove that the purchase was made from this particular seller), as well as keep the labels, seals and proper appearance.

    If a breakdown or defect is detected, the goods can be returned within the entire warranty period. Since the law does not oblige you to return the purchase in its original packaging, in this case the employee of the outlet is obliged to issue a return, otherwise you should file a complaint with the store administration.

    “The document is drawn up in two copies indicating the applicant’s personal data, the circumstances of the purchase of the product, the nature of the breakdown, the requirements for the seller. Each copy of the application must be signed by a representative of the retail facility. You must respond to the complaint within ten days,” the lawyer explained.

    If you are sure that you are right, and the seller refuses to meet you, you can safely contact Rospotrebnadzor and higher authorities, Kolotovich added.


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