“It hurts”: Chuvashia mourns for the Hero of Russia Alexander Starchkov


    The head of Chuvashia, Oleg Nikolaev, announced on August 6 that the star of the Hero of Russia was awarded to the relatives of the deceased during a special operation in Ukraine Alexandra Starchkova. In his Telegram channel, he explained that the highest posthumous award was given to the fighter for services to the state and people, for his heroic deed and the salvation of his comrades.

    The act that Alexander did debunked the myth that today’s youth is not capable of self-sacrifice. Young people commit conscious actions that show that the spirit of a warrior lives in every heart of a soldier and that is why our country is strong.

    The memory of the Hero will live forever in the hearts of all Russians and the younger generation will be educated by his example. Unfortunately, today we are repeating the historical events that were on the pages of the 40s of the last century and are tearing off the head of fascism. It is unpleasant and painful to lose, but there is such a profession – the Motherland …

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