IT expert Zykov commented on the information about the data leak by the Bean VPN service


    VPN services cannot guarantee the complete security of user data, they somehow have to collect and process the information of millions of people, and sooner or later this can lead to a leak. So the information that the Cybernews portal discovered a leak of the Bean VPN service was commented on by the director of the Association of Professional Users of Social Networks and Messengers (APPSIM) Vladimir Zykov to Life. He noted that there could be at least two reasons for such an incident.

    “VPN services are free and there are paid ones. Free ones need to make money on something. This is the first time. Second: due to the fact that they are free, their security can be very low,” — told Life Zykov.

    The expert noted that there is no point in investing in a service that does not bring money, because it does not pay off. Accordingly, according to him, it is obvious that such platforms are initially doomed to data leakage.

    Earlier, Life wrote that cyber expert Kurochkin spoke about a new type of financial fraud through VPN. He noted that Russians are actively connecting such access to use social networks, and increasingly, due to the high cost of subscriptions or difficulties with payment, they are turning to free services.


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