Norwegian skier Howard Solos Töugböl spoke about the situation in the team after positive tests for coronavirus in three people.

On Monday it was confirmed that national team coach Arild Monsen had contracted the coronavirus, and on Wednesday it became known about the positive tests of skiers Anna Kjersti Kalvo and Heidi Weng.

“The situation is not pleasant. We must keep our spirits up and think about what awaits us in a few weeks. We have been extremely careful for several years, and now Arild, Anna Kjersti and Heidi have positive tests … We did everything the same as they did. We live in uncertainty. It is incredibly difficult, but we must try to keep our spirits high.

I feel very sorry for Heidi and Anna Kjersti. I can’t imagine how they feel. According to our information, they are in a good mood. With the same success, it could be any of us, ”TV 2 quotes Teugbyol.


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