It became known about quarrels in the family, where a resident of Yekaterinburg stabbed his wife with his sleeping son


    Guardianship of the five-month-old son of a student from Yekaterinburg, Svetlana, who was killed by her husband, who then committed suicide, will be taken by the mother of the deceased girl. About it informs portal In addition, it became known about the scandals in the family where the tragedy occurred.

    “We collected all the documents, the child was taken from the hospital, now he is going to the city of Nizhnyaya Salda and will live with me,” Elena said in a conversation with reporters.

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    The parents of the victim are deeply affected by the tragedy. The father of a 19-year-old girl said that Svetlana had recently complained about quarrels with her husband. Sergey admitted that he never approved of his daughter’s choice and believed that the couple would part sooner or later. According to him, when the girl left to give birth, her husband Nikita simply disappeared: he stopped answering calls and disappeared somewhere, leaving his wife and son without money. Sergei suggested that his daughter take an academic leave and move to her parents’ house, but they never managed to implement this plan.

    By the way, acquaintances speak positively about Nikita himself. A 23-year-old young man worked as a courier. His boss noted that the guy worked 16 hours a day almost without days off. Most likely, the young family experienced financial difficulties. Nikita also complained to colleagues about quarrels with his wife.

    “Nikita often said that after work, his wife rolls quarrels. <...> I saw his desire to work and live, but, apparently, family life was hard, and he could not stand it. As I understand it, he did not receive moral support, but, on the contrary, only scandals, “- Viktor added.

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